Top Activities for Kids During Spring Break in Hawaii

With its rich cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and captivating natural beauty, Hawaii offers endless opportunities for families to create unforgettable memories and experience the spirit of aloha.
Go Snorkeling – Every island offers fantastic snorkeling opportunities suitable for all ages and skill levels. For novices, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on Oahu stands out as an ideal spot, boasting protected waters teeming with tropical fish and supervised by lifeguards (advanced reservations now required). On Kauai, consider ʻAnini Beach along the north shore, particularly around the boat ramp area, for a rewarding snorkeling experience. For Hawaiʻi Island adventures, opt for a snorkeling excursion in Kealakekua Bay, where a guided boat tour leads to pristine underwater landscapes. Advanced snorkelers will find Molokini, a crescent-shaped cinder cone off Maui, to be a haven with over 250 species of tropical fish awaiting exploration.Take a Hike – The Islands offer a diverse range of hiking trails, catering to various skill levels and preferences, from leisurely strolls along rugged coastlines to challenging ascents to lush peaks. Families with young children may enjoy the Makapuʻu Lighthouse Trail on Oahu, a short and paved route (less than a mile to the summit) that accommodates strollers. Similarly, the Wai Kai Loop Trail in Kīlauea on Kauai is well-suited for little ones, featuring a wide and flat 4.5-mile loop trail winding through enchanting mahogany forests. Mānoa Falls on Oahu offers an accessible trek for all, with its 0.8-mile path tracing alongside a stream to a breathtaking 150-foot waterfall. On Hawaiʻi Island, both ʻAkaka Falls and Rainbow Falls provide easy access to picturesque waterfalls, boasting paved pathways, ample parking, and restroom facilities. For older children seeking adventure, the 1-mile Kaiwa Ridge Trail (also known as Lanikai Pillbox) on Oahu promises stunning vistas of Kailua and Lanikai, although the trail begins with a steep incline and scaling the pillboxes can be challenging, the panoramic views from the top are well worth it. Kīlauea Iki in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park offers another rewarding hike for experienced trekkers, with its 3.3-mile route leading through lush rainforests to a hardened lava lake nestled within a crater. Alternatively, explore the Pīpīwai Trail in the Kīpahulu District of Haleakalā National Park on Maui, a picturesque path weaving through bamboo forests and culminating at the majestic 400-foot Waimoku Falls.
Learn to Surf – Hawaiʻi, the birthplace of surfing, offers an unparalleled setting to learn this exhilarating sport. While many lessons typically have age restrictions, such as a minimum age of 13, some schools, like Pro Surf School Hawaiʻi on Oahu, cater to younger children, providing private lessons for those as young as 5. Dive into a 75-minute group lesson with Waikiki Beach Services, taught by seasoned Waikiki beach boys; although group lessons are available for kids over 13, private one-on-one sessions are also offered for younger keiki. For a unique experience, consider Maui Surfer Girls, Maui’s sole female-owned surf school, offering two-hour lessons suitable for ages 5 and up (with swimming ability). Additionally, they host a 10-day surf camp tailored for teenage girls aged 13 to 17, featuring surf instruction and adventures across Maui (scheduled from June 5 to 15). Over on Kauai, immerse yourself in a 90-minute lesson with Titus Kinimaka’s Hawaiian School of Surfing at the picturesque Hanalei Bay.Visit Volcanoes National Park – One of Hawaiʻi Island’s top attractions is Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, spanning 333,308 acres from the summit of Mauna Kea to the coastline. It is renowned for Kīlauea, one of the globe’s most active volcanoes. Although currently dormant, meaning no visible lava fountains, flows, or glow, its activity status can change unpredictably. Nevertheless, families can still enjoy numerous activities in the park, from exploring lava tubes to hiking through historic lava fields. Additionally, the park offers various ranger-led programs to entertain children. With the park open 24 hours year-round, visitors can experience the remarkably clear and starry skies by night.
Swim with Manta Rays – One of Hawaiʻi’s most extraordinary experiences is swimming alongside manta rays. In Keauhou Bay off the Kona coast of Hawaiʻi Island, guided tours allow you to immerse yourself in the water with numerous resident rays during the night. Anelakai Adventures offers guided excursions aboard a traditional double-hulled Hawaiian canoe to a designated spot in the bay, where, after sunset, giant manta rays gather to feed on photoplankton drawn to ultraviolet lights. Children as young as 2 are welcome to join the tour and observe from the safety of the canoe, while Manta Ray Dives of Hawaiʻi accommodates children as young as 6.Visit a Farm – Each island boasts farms that offer enjoyable tours suitable for the whole family. On Oahu, Sweetland Farm provides hour-long tours on Fridays and Saturdays, allowing visitors to explore the goat dairy farm (the retail shop is also open for those interested in feeding the young goats). Kahuku Farms, situated on Oʻahu’s North Shore, features tractor-pulled wagon tours through the family-operated farm, complete with tastings of seasonal fruits and chocolate. Discover ocean conservation amid thousands of seahorses at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm in Kailua-Kona on Hawaiʻi Island, the world’s only 100% sustainable marine aquarium. Visitors aged 5 and older can even hold the seahorses, while guests of all ages can enjoy exploring the interactive tide pool. Leilani Farm Sanctuary on Maui provides sanctuary for rescue animals across its 8-acre property, including donkeys, chickens, guinea pigs, goats, and cows, offering hour-long tours suitable for all ages. At Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy, the island’s sole gourmet cheese farm, children aged 8 and older can cuddle with goats, and there’s a feeding experience available for kids aged 12 and up (December through March) where they can bottle-feed a baby goat.
Go To the Zoo – Were you aware? The Honolulu Zoo clinched the 4th spot in the 2024 USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards for top zoos in the U.S. Spanning 42 acres, this zoo is nestled within Kapiʻolani Regional Park, conveniently close to Waikiki hotels, and boasts a diverse array of animals, including giraffes, African wild dogs, and the nēnē (Hawaiian goose), the state bird of Hawaiʻi. Guided tours are also available, such as the engaging two-hour Twilight Tour, allowing visitors to explore the zoo after sunset. For a more exclusive experience, the Morning Safari Tour offers nonmembers the opportunity to interact closely with the zoo’s resident giraffes for $500. However, Hawaiʻi isn’t limited to just one zoo. The Panaʻewa Rainforest Zoo in Hilo on Hawaiʻi Island holds the distinction of being the sole rainforest zoo in the U.S. Spanning 12 acres, this zoo offers a captivating glimpse of exotic animals like Bengal tigers, two-toed sloths, ring-tailed lemurs, and giant anteaters. With its fantastic playground and free admission, it’s a delight for visitors of all ages.Enjoy a Luau – There’s an enchanting allure to attending a luau, particularly one held in the Hawaiian Islands. Immerse yourself in the melodic strains of Hawaiian music, witness authentic hula performances, and savor delectable local delicacies like kalua pig, fresh poi, and haupia. Many luaus also offer kid-friendly activities and crafts, adding to the family-friendly appeal. Some beloved options include Ka Waʻa at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa on Oahu; Aliʻi Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu; Smith Family Luau on Kauai; and Feast at Mōkapu at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. Plus, there’s good news: Old Lahaina Luau on Maui has recently reopened after wildfires razed its venue in Lahaina six months ago.
Go Stargazing – Blessed with clear skies and minimal light pollution, Hawaiʻi stands out as one of the premier destinations in the U.S. for stargazing enthusiasts. Hawaiʻi Forest & Trail presents a captivating 7-hour stargazing excursion to the summit of Mauna Kea, soaring nearly 14,000 feet above sea level on Hawaiʻi Island, offering an opportunity to observe celestial wonders above the clouds. Efforts to diminish light pollution and emissions have been undertaken by Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, not only to safeguard migrating birds and sea turtles but also to pursue recognition as an official Dark Sky Park from the International Dark Sky Association. Haleakalā National Park further enhances the stargazing experience, offering pristine dark skies from its 10,023-foot summit. Additionally, Stargazers of Hawaiʻi organizes complimentary stargazing events in Waikiki—yes, you heard it right, even in Waikiki!Visit Dole Plantation – Who can resist the allure of a pineapple-shaped maze and indulging in a refreshing Dole Whip treat? Dole Plantation, nestled on Oahu’s North Shore, offers an array of activities suitable for the whole family, ranging from the Pineapple Express Train Tour to the expansive, 3-acre Pineapple Garden Maze—an attraction once hailed as the world’s largest maze! Don’t miss the chance to visit the Plantation Grille for a delightful serving of freshly sliced pineapples or a satisfying Dole Whip, available in various serving options, including cones, cups, waffle cones, or even a pineapple shell.
With an abundance of family-friendly activities spread across the beautiful islands of Hawaii, the task of choosing where to start can be an exciting adventure in itself!​​Dreaming of a Hawaiian Vacation or beyond? I would love to help you design the perfect land or sea experience for your family!  Click here to schedule a “Let’s Get Acquainted Session” with me so we can start planning your family’s next great adventure. 

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