5 Must-Visit Spots on Your Illinois Family Vacation: Fun for All Ages

Illinois: The heart of the Midwest, brimming with charm, culture, and endless opportunities for family fun. Whether you’re a local seeking a staycation or visitors ready to explore, an Illinois family vacation offers a delightful mix of urban excitement and natural beauty. 

Today, we’ll dive into five fantastic ideas to make your family trip memorable. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Windy City Adventure: Chicago

Chicago, a city where skyscrapers kiss the sky and the deep-dish pizza is a culinary legend, is an absolute paradise for families. 

Start your adventure at Millennium Park. Snap a quirky photo reflection in the Cloud Gate sculpture, affectionately known as “The Bean.” It’s not just a sculpture; it’s a Chicago landmark and a must-see. The park also hosts free concerts and movies during summer; a perfect way to relax under the stars.

Now, let’s head over to the Museum of Science and Industry. It’s not your average museum; it’s a place where science comes alive. Imagine stepping into a real U-505 submarine or experiencing a tornado’s power. The kids will be thrilled, and honestly, you will be too.

And for a grand finale, Navy Pier is waiting. This place is like a festival that never ends. Ride the Centennial Wheel for breathtaking skyline views, watch a mesmerizing performance at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, or just enjoy the lively atmosphere. Chicago is the heart of any Illinois family vacation, blending culture, fun, and unforgettable experiences.

Time Travel in Springfield

Next, let’s dive into history in Springfield, the land where Lincoln’s legacy lives. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum isn’t just about history; it’s about walking in the footsteps of a legend. Interactive exhibits and captivating storytelling bring Lincoln’s world to life. Imagine your family walking through a replica of the White House as it was in 1861; pretty cool, right?

But there’s more. The Old State Capitol is a journey back in time. Stand in the hall where Lincoln delivered his famous “House Divided” speech and feel the weight of history around you. And for a fun twist, the kids can dress up in period costumes; a perfect photo op and a great way to make history fun.

Finally, don’t miss the Dana-Thomas House, showcasing Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural genius. This isn’t just a house; it’s a masterpiece. The intricate designs and beautiful stained glass will leave you in awe. It’s a slice of architectural history that’s both educational and inspiring.

Outdoor Adventures in Starved Rock State Park

Ready for an outdoor escape? Starved Rock State Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty. This is where adventure meets tranquility. 

Hike along the lush trails and discover hidden waterfalls; each turn is a new surprise. The park’s canyons, carved by ancient glaciers, are a sight to behold, especially in the fall when the leaves paint a picture of fiery beauty.

But the fun doesn’t stop with hiking. The Illinois River offers fishing, boating, and even paddle boat cruises! Imagine your family on a gentle cruise, watching eagles soar above; it’s serene and exciting all at once.

And for a bit of a treasure hunt, try geocaching. This high-tech treasure-hunting game is a hit with kids and adults alike. Using GPS devices, you’ll search for hidden containers throughout the park. It’s a fun way to explore and adds an extra layer of adventure to your Illinois family vacation.

Educational Fun at the Peoria Riverfront Museum

When you visit the Peoria Riverfront Museum, you’re signing up for an adventure that blends learning with sheer fun. Start with the Giant Screen Theater, where films aren’t just watched; they’re experienced. Imagine sitting with your family as the wonders of the natural world unfold on a screen five stories high.

Next, take a galactic journey in the museum’s planetarium. It’s like hopping onto a spaceship and zooming through the stars and planets. The kids will be in awe, and let’s be honest, so will you. The planetarium shows are both thrilling and educational, making complex astronomy concepts accessible and fascinating.

But there’s more. The museum is a treasure trove of interactive exhibits. Whether it’s getting hands-on with science experiments, exploring the art gallery, or stepping back in time in the history exhibits, there’s something to spark curiosity in every family member. 

It’s not just about looking and learning; it’s about engaging and experiencing. This museum is a highlight of any Illinois family vacation, seamlessly blending education with excitement.

Fairytale Escapade in the Anderson Japanese Gardens

Imagine stepping into a living fairytale. That’s the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford for you. This isn’t just a garden; it’s a piece of art where every path, pond, and plant tells a story. 

Walk along the winding paths, and you’ll find tranquil waterfalls and elegant bridges. The koi ponds are a highlight, where colorful fish glide through the water; a mesmerizing sight for the little ones.

But it’s more than just beauty. The gardens are a place of peace and reflection. Take a moment with your family to sit in the tea house, savoring the tranquility and connecting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The gardens also host cultural events, from traditional tea ceremonies to Japanese festivals, offering a unique glimpse into a rich and beautiful culture.

Visiting the Anderson Japanese Gardens is like stepping into another world: one that calms the mind and delights the senses. It’s an essential stop on your Illinois family vacation for a moment of serenity and beauty.

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Our expertise in destinations like Disney, all-inclusive resorts, and unique tours means one thing: we can blend Illinois’ charm with the magic of these experiences. That way, we’ll be creating a vacation that’s perfectly suited for your family.


Planning the perfect Illinois family vacation can be as exciting as the trip itself, especially with a partner like Dreams and Wishes Travel. With our personalized planning and attention to detail, your trip will be an unforgettable adventure. Let’s get your dream vacation started, shall we?

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