Summer Air Travel

​As summer vacation season kicked off this week, there is a noticeable difference in the air from last year.  In addition to air travelers seeing pre-pandemic passenger levels, there are some other changes you may notice since your last flight.  Here are some tips you’ll need to know before heading to the airport:

Bring a mask.  Anyone over the age of two is still required to wear a mask at the airport and onboard the plane.  Masks can be removed briefly while eating or drinking.  But, otherwise, it must be worn for the entire flight.  

Pack your patience.   Along with longer lines at TSA, than we have seen in over a year, many travelers are learning new procedures, apps, etc. that can slow down the security screening and boarding process.  Plan to arrive a little earlier, take a deep breath and remember, you’re on vacation!

Bring your hand sanitizer.  New TSA regulations allow travelers to carry on liquid hand sanitizer in 12-ounce bottles or less in addition to liquids in standard quart-size bags.  Please keep in mind that TSA reserves the right to open and test bottles if they feel it is necessary.  It’s also recommended to bring sanitizing wipes on board to wipe down tray tables, etc. These are cleaned between every flight.  But it doesn’t hurt to give them an additional wipe-down.

Plan ahead for snacks. Some airport restaurants and stores haven’t reopened yet. So those that are open will have longer lines.  But if you have a longer flight, you will want to pack a snack.  Inflight food and beverage service has been reduced on many flights.

Expect to scan your own documents.  To reduce touchpoints, you will be asked to scan your own ID at TSA security checkpoints and scan your own boarding pass before boarding the plane.

Be prepared for a full flight.  The days of half-empty flights are over.  Airlines are no longer leaving middle seats empty.  So be prepared to have someone sitting next to you.

With just a little planning ahead and keeping up with the latest travel information, your 2021 summer vacation will be worth the wait!​Dreaming of your next trip?  I would love to help you design the perfect Disney experience for your family!  Click here to schedule a “Let’s Get Acquainted Session” with me to start planning your family’s next great adventure.

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